Тексты песен

«Screwing You On The Beach At Night»

Nothing heats up my jacuzzi like when
this used thong I found and bedazzled with gems
brushes ever so gently against some boobs. (далее…)

«Altogether Ooky»

Caught you
Sniffing my boxers (далее…)

«No Hard Feelings»

Ain’t my job
To fuck you on your birthday
Ain’t my job
To fuck you on your birthday anymore
Ain’t my job (далее…)



I’m a pimped out Jedi Knight
Obi-Wan meets Dolemite
Ben Kenobi went and got himself a pompadour
These aren’t the whores you’re looking for (далее…)

«Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss»

Uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss baby (далее…)


We are «cop rock» we are screech
We are z. cavaricci
We are laser removed
Tasmanian devil tattoos (далее…)

«Something Diabolical»

Eventide rise for ritual
With the thrill of a kill vengefully the engine will
Roar forth steer the dead leave forced
Driven by fear shift gears veer towards
The foolishly equipped swift these
Failed bids breathed taillights from the crypt (далее…)

«Ralph Wiggum»

I’m going to Africa yes ma’am I’m a brick was President Lincoln okay? mitten
There’s a dog in the vent chicken necks? I pick Ken Griffey Jr. I fell out 2 times
I’m pedaling backwards this snowflake tastes like fish sticks we’re a totem pole dying tickles
I heard a Frankenstein lives there she’s touching my special area go banana (далее…)

«Farting With A Walkman On»

I know you’re gonna play me when you get wind
I heard you’re full of shit so I’ve been duped again
But if you cover your ass with the same old song
You might as well be farting farting with a Walkman on (далее…)

«I’m The Least You Could Do»

It always sucks refolding the kind of map
Needed when i get stuck where the sun don’t shine the fact
Is if i just shut up my rubbered stamp could flag you as dumb (далее…)