Письма в адрес Bloodhound Gang

Как и обещал, представляю вам 19 писем,  которые я получил на свою почту. Люди наверное подумали что это официальный сайт либо просто хотели поделится своим мнением. Похвально.  Сразу говорю, есть пара нормальных писем написанных грамотно и без оскорблений. Люди просто сказали что почувствовали. НО остальные, я считаю полное ничтожество.  Оскорблять родителей и желать смерти на мой взгляд низко. Мне стыдно жить с такими людьми в одной стране.

Письма которые на английском не переводил, при желание сами переведете. Как мне было прислано так и публикую здесь.

1.  Прислал:  Dmitry, 2.08 в 23:47

You humiliate the dignity of Russian people! You lower small potatoes! So low and despicable act with the flag of the Russian Federation — humiliating for you!
In Russia, for the desecration of the national flag there is a criminal offense! I hope that at the entrance to Russia, you will detain and punish!
You losers!

2.  Прислал:  DMIRIY, 3.08 в 14:55

Вы,пидары,за Российский флаг ответите!!!

3. Прислал:  -, 3.08 в 19:20


4. Прислал:  From RUSSIA with FUCK, 3.08 в 20:10

your group is disgusting! you have no music education — you a small group of degenerates and stupid morons who earn kopeks. you have small earnings and to Russia you never will let. you shit! I fuck your mother in a mouth!

5. Прислал:  From RUSSIA with FUCK-2, 3.08 в 20:11

terminated gays. we you fuck all to one in a mouth! . prostitutes. you will arrive to Russia — you will be fucked. whores with a shame.

6. Прислал:  RUSSIAN, 3.08 в 20:16

Американский ублюдок!!!

7. Прислал:  Alex, 3.08 в 21:37

Evil Jared Hasselhoff is ger. ass.

8. Прислал:  Alex, 3.08 в 21:54

Evil Jared Hasselhoff was wrong, like Hitler in the 41th year!

9. Прислал:  супермэн, 3.08 в 23:24

ты оскорбил весь наш народ! я б те морду начистил!

10. Прислал:  Master, 4.08 в 04:35

You fucking assholes. Your mothers are sluts. Stupid bitches. You never come back to Russia american idiots

11. Прислал:  пмивап, 4.08 в 09:34

суки американские я в рот имел вас и ваших родителей

12. Прислал: Дима, 4.08 в 11:18

Ваши дети умоются кровью)))

13. Прислал: -, 4.08 в 16:07


14. Прислал: Rado, 4.08 в 16:07

Your bass player down and out German slut, Nazi bastard, and amateur suck niggas!

15. Прислал: -, 4.08 в 16:10

Хасселхофф дибил

16. Прислал: Cadavr, 5.08 в 09:51

More stupid and dirty idiots I have never met.
Even the site stinks.

17. Прислал: Not for You , 5.08 в 13:51

We are waiting for the air crash of your band, fucking american liberal gays. Your death from AIDS is also ok.Live short life!

18. Прислал: olissen@ , 5.08 в 20:59

My english is bad, but if you have enough brain, you understend what I want to say your. You made a big mistake. We, Russians, don’t americans whith your fat ass and small penis,but without any brain. If you dare to appear in our country, there are people, who will help you to put your own flag in your own ass to the viscera.
You have insulted me and my children.
The only thing I expect from you — a public apology. Again, you made a big mistake. I will do everything to Russia bloodhound gang were akin pigs (thank you Internet).
Us millions. You Americans language restrictions. So I can state my opinion just as you can stick your flag in the ass for his mother. apologize to your mothers — they are not guilty, that raised these morons. We, the Russians do not Express ourselves. But for you limited it will be clear.

19. Прислал: Michael hill, 8.08 в 02:12

Hey whoever gets this shit, I heard about the Russia,UKrane incident dumb , can’t say I should have expected more but dumb who goes to someone else’s country to work and take their money and insults them, people or government .it’s idiots like you that put Obama in power anyway followed you since finger lickin good album ,horay for boobies will live in infomay . Doubt you will release anything that good again but anyway rock on where ever that takes you


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